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"I can do this all day." ~ Steve in Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

"Think about an optimist. Fighting for everything that's good and just, in a simpler time. Laying down his life to save the world. And waking up in a time where everyone he knows is either dead or close to it. Losing the trust in the intuitions he dedicated his life to for so long and learning that the only way to win the fight is to take matters into his own hands. Think about this scrawny kid from Brooklyn -- the same kid who was bullied and told he would never make for a good soldier, going toe-to-toe with the most powerful being in the entire universe." ― Schaffrillas Productions referring to Captain America in the MCU and all of his character development.

Captain America (AKA Steve Rogers) is a superhero in the Marvel Comics franchise. He is also the main protagonist of his three titular films, one of the protagonists of the first four Avengers films, and was a WWII veteran who was revived in the present day. He was portrayed by Chris Evans in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Why He Rocks

In General

  1. Captain America is a good example of a symbol of justice, possessing unwithering humility, courage and selflessness.
  2. He wears symbolized American flag colors as a costume; This is a good representation of his patriotism as he fights to protect his country.
  3. A soldier who fought in WWII and being revived in the present is a very interesting concept.
  4. He uses his shield not just to block, but also as a weapon as a projectile.
  5. Captain America is one of the original six Avengers (The others being Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, and Hawkeye).
  6. Captain America became a prominent member of the original Avengers, alongside Iron Man, Thor, the Hank Pym version of Ant-Man, and the Janet Pym version of Wasp after Hulk's departure.
  7. His famous friendships with many other heroes such as Bucky Barnes, Falcon/Sam Wilson and Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff.
  8. He is the polar opposite to Iron Man, having differing views about heroes. This also led to their brutal showdown in the Civil War comic and film.
  9. His Vibranium Shield is very iconic; especially in comics, and one of the most iconic superhero and cultural icons.
  10. He is shown to be a capable leader; in leading his squad of soldiers to victory in the second World War despite defying orders. He is often seen as the leader of the Avengers, spearheading the charge every time they are about to fight, yelling the signature "Avengers, assemble!" catchphrase that has become a much legendary element of the team.

Exclusive to the MCU verison

  1. Chris Evans portrays him incredibly well especially in the very dramatic moments, and is very much faithful to the comic books minus the corny superhero dialogue.
  2. This version of Steve Rogers is definitely more grounded in reality than the comic version, but the thing is, that doesn't make this version any less heroic. For example, back in 1943, he was constantly being told he would never be a worthy solider because of how thin he looked compared to the others. But after still managing to prove himself worthy of the super-serum though a series of tests (including being perfectly willing to commit suicide via grenade if it meant protecting others) this is what makes him chosen among the other soldiers. Then once he became Captain America for real, his various heroic acts included freezing himself in ice to save New York from being destroyed, leading the Avengers against Loki, managing to turn Bucky Barnes from his life of villainy rather than kill him, as they were close friends in the past, trying to buy time for the denizens of Wakanda to destroy the mind stone, and especially going risking his life to fight Thanos even with a broken shield.
    1. This is especially notable in Infinity War and Endgame. He was constantly badly beaten, his shield was half destroyed, and all their friends either dead or injured, and yet he still had the nobility and will to fight Thanos and his entire army by himself, in fact he had proven to be so noble, he was even worthy of wielding Mjölnir --as in the all powerful magic hammer not even the Hulk or Thanos could lift-- and needless to say, he completely earned that privilege, and he may be even more pure the Thor himself.
  3. Massive character development: In The First Avenger and The Avengers movie, he starts off as idealistic and wanting to serve the best he can, he was most pure, innocent hero on the team. Then, later on in Winter Solider, his world view about serving governments in a black-and-white nature is completely shattered, when he has to fight an immorally gray conflict with the villains of the people he previously blindly trusted. This conflict would change world view to the point where he became a vigilante and far more serious-- a vast contact from how he started out. This all makes perfect sense based on everything he went through, and once again, it doesn't take away from his heroism, if anything it makes him even more relatable and more heroic.
    • Not to mention all of his development manages to stay fluent, and consistent even with all of the different directors.
  4. His charisma, experience, and strategic prowess allowed him to become the leader of the Avengers.
  5. Cap gets a very sweet moment when he repeat the lines that meant something in his past which now take on even greater meaning in his present: "Cause I'm with you to the end of the line"
  6. He's one serious of a determinator as he has proven time and time again that he can't easily be knocked down and persuaded. He'll do anything to get the job done, and save others' lives. His famous line is "I can do this all day" for a reason.

Bad Qualities

  1. He got flanderized in the comics (All-New, All-Different Marvel) after becoming the new "Chief of Civilian Oversight for S.H.I.E.L.D".
  2. Steve sometimes thinks what's right, yet he sometimes does something wrong (Most notably in Captain America: Civil War).
  3. Steve sometimes does a lot of stupid or questionable things across all the media he appears in. For example, he did a lot of crimes in Civil War: 1 he refused to sign the accords and refused to be reasonable, 2 he tried to kill other Avengers, 3 he tried to kill Tony.
  4. The versions of Steve seen in the 1979 Captain America TV movie and the 1991 movie are both awful, and spend more time whining than actually being heroic (though their respective actors, Reb Brown and Matt Salinger, do the best they can with what they're given).