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Bubbles is a major character from the Angry Birds series. He was introduced in the 2nd Halloween episode of Angry Birds Seasons, Ham'o'ween.

Good Qualities

  1. Unlike most of the birds, he's a rather happy-go-lucky and optimistic kid.
  2. His huge love for candy.
  3. His design is pretty cute, just like the Blues.
  4. His Angry Birds Transformers description states that his love of candy extends to all things sweet.
  5. Unlike most kids his age, he's very brave and courageous, even facing of against Porcula, the werepigs and zombie pigs.
  6. His ability to puff up is really effective against wood, just like Chuck's ability.
    • It's also very versatile in Go!, as it can be used not only to speed up, but also to slow down other racers.
  7. His trick-or-treating hobby is quite endearing.
  8. Like Red and Chuck or Bomb and Matilda, he and Hal are great friends as shown in the movie.
  9. Antti LJ Pääkkönen does great at performing his voice.
  10. He became popular enough to appear in other games, with his debut in the main series being in Birdday Party, along with Stella.

Bad Qualities

  1. Whenever he appears in Angry Birds Toons, it's only on Halloween specials.
  2. His candy fixation once got him into trouble in the Ham'o'ween short, where he gets into one of the candy buckets that the pigs were taking to King Pig and is almost eaten by him.
  3. His movie counterpart is a bit contradictory: He shows no affection for candy and is older than Jay, Jake and Jim, being present before they are born. He's also very wild and reckless there.


  • Bubbles and Hal are the only birds to first appear kidnapped by the pigs.
  • Along with Stella, he is one of the only 2 birds that were first introduced into the Flock during an Angry Birds Seasons episode.
  • Bubbles' sprite sheets are separate from the other birds' sprites, which are all contained on one page.
  • He was the first and only bird to be released in an update for Angry Birds Space.
  • Bubbles, Silver, and Hal are so far the only three birds that do not have a Star Wars counterpart.  
  • Angry Birds Friends used to state Bubbles as "Orange". This has since been fixed in updates.
  • Bubbles' Favorite holiday is Halloween, which we can see in most media like games (Such as Seasons and Blast) and in Toons.
    • Bubbles was inflated with the pigs in the 1984-2009 Nickelodeon logo in Season's Greedings background.
  • If Bubbles is inflated, he becomes the largest bird in the flock (not counting the Mighty Eagle), beating Terence and Matilda.
  • His ability is similar to a male Frigatebird inflating his red gular 'bag'.
  • He and Silver are confirmed to be almost of the same age and seem to have a love relationship, as they were spoofing the British prince and princess 2018 marriage in an Angry Birds Blast offer picture.
  • in Angry Birds 2, it is possible for Bubbles to "deflate" in a way. this can happen if he is inflated, and goes through a portal in any Bamboo forest level. in this state, he does not have a death sound.