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Brooklyn T. Guy is one of the main characters of the popular web series SuperMarioLogan (or SML). He has a lot of jobs and is often used in Jeffy videos. He is portrayed by Chris Netherton.

Why He Rocks

  1. He's a good comedian, with some decent examples being "Attack of the Killer Shrimp, "Brooklyn Guy's Day Off", "Mr. Goodman's Revenge" "Jealous Brooklyn Guy" and "Brooklyn Guy Pet Detective", which have good humor and it’s all because of him.
  2. He's pretty good with saving people's lives, such as in "The Secret Door!" where he saved Mario, Rosalina, and Jeffy from his late twin brother Does Bad Things Guy, or in "Jeffy Goes to the Zoo", where he saves Jeffy from being beaten to death.
  3. On top of that, He's also good with his jobs in general, such as the time where he arrested Nancy in "Jeffy's Parents" or when he arrested Screwball and freed Mario from prison in "Detective Jeffy".
  4. He can sometimes be the only good part of a bad video, an example being "The School Project" where he sees through Junior’s bullcrap and tell him to get another toy.
  5. He was actually one of the few characters during the infamous Chris Drought of 2020 that managed to remain charming and likable, unlike other characters who became unfunny.
  6. He's sometimes sympathetic due to having to live with Karen. He is especially sympathetic in "Brooklyn Guy's Day Off" and "The Life of Brooklyn Guy".
  7. "Oh, you don't want to die. Oh, I'm sorry, I thought we were all bunched up into this corner because we wanted to die. I guess I just misunderstood."
  8. This scene.

Bad Qualities

  1. He isn't always likable and was unlikable in "Jeffy the Sheep", "Jeffy's New Dad", "Jeffy Goes to the Zoo", "Cody's Evil Twin", "Locked Out" and his worst appearance of them all: "Jeffy's Birthday Surprise".
  2. His hundreds of jobs are no coincidence because Logan just uses him for every job (in the rare occasion where he isn't a police officer or doctor) which is lazy. He is very overused to the point where he was once used 30 times in a row. Not even Jeffy is used that much.
  3. Hypocrisy: In "Jeffy and Junior Go to Prison" he asks Jeffy and Junior to buy him Trix since he can't get them himself, but arrests the two after buying him Trix.
  4. He is shown to be racist. For example, in "Cody Gets Expelled", Junior calls him because he thinks Cody is going to shoot up the school, but he thinks Joseph will do it because he's black, or in "Jeffy's New Friend", where Mario describes Bully Bill's dark attire, but Brooklyn Guy keeps thinking that his skin is black and is surprised when Mario says Bill is white.
  5. He used to mock fans that criticized certain aspects of SML, such as in "Shrek's Coma" where he went on a rant on how SML is a "fun imagination land" where nothing has to make sense, and in "Brooklyn Guy's Day Off" where he got angry at Bowser Junior's puppet design and said he was gonna leave a real mean comment on the video.