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Brian Griffin is one of the two tritagonists (alongside Stewie Griffin) of Family Guy, one of the two tritagonists (alongside Peter Griffin) of Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story, and a minor character in The Cleveland Show.

He's a talking dog which is Peter Griffin, Lois Griffin and Stewie Griffin's best friend and an adoptive member of the family while also acting as a voice of reason for them everyone they have problems. He's voiced by Seth McFarlane (that also voices Peter, Stewie, Carter Pewtershmdit and the doctor).

He's voiced by Seth MacFarlane.

Why He Rocked

  1. He's the conscience of the family alongside Lois Griffin (in the earlier seasons).
  2. He has a great friendship with Stewie which is one of the best parts of the series and is a fan favorite trait.
  3. Seth McFarlane makes him different than the other characters by voicing him with his real voice.
  4. His sarcasm, snarky attitude and dry sense of humor is one of his most hilarious traits.
  5. His background is sad and heartbreaking
  6. He's probably the smartest character of the series alongside Stewie.
  7. Despite being intelligent and mature, he still has flaws which makes him relatable for the audience.

Bad Qualities

  1. Despite being still funny in the seasons after the earlier seasons (before season 8), he became an arrogant idiot.
  2. He was horribly flanderized since Season 8, becoming a dumb religious hypocrite.