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Brandon is a supporting character shown all throughout the series. He is simply a bear who works at IFrame Outlet in the plaza alongside A Real Magic Skeleton. His first appearance in the OK K.O.! franchise was in the 2013 pilot, "Lakewood Plaza Turbo".

Why He Rocks

  1. He is very funny for the most part.
  2. He seems to care a lot about his best friend A Real Magic Skeleton. He has been shown to enjoy goofing off with ARMS, and gets upset when he expresses interest in working somewhere else in "RMS & Brandon's First Episode". He also shows a lot of affection for his best friend, making him laugh, nicknaming him "Magi", and even giving him a corsage at the plaza prom.
  3. He is good at drumming as show in the series finale.
  4. He's good at attacking bad guys, but has to do it on a consistent drum beat.

Bad Qualities

  1. Brandon can actually fight, but he is lazy.
  2. Besides his kind nature, he is impulsive and manipulative.