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Mary “Boo” Gibbs is the tritagonist in Monsters, Inc.. She is a curious and naive two-year old girl who befriends Sulley.

Why She Rocks

  1. She is a really cute and adorable character.
  2. She is a very sweet girl.
  3. Her relationship with Sulley is heartwarming.
  4. She is not afraid of monsters, except for Randall. But she did eventually overcome her fear of him when she saw Sulley’s life in danger, and she helps defeat him.
  5. She is one of Pixar’s cutest characters.
  6. She’s the reason Sulley and Mike found a new way to get power for their home town, Laugh Power, which would become one of the main points in the Disney+ show, Monsters at Work.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. She can get a bit annoying at times, like that one infamous scene where she cries loudly.