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"Toons don't do 'normally' things! Makes us so adorable."

"My life is my life! Gee, I was funny!"

Bonkers D. Bobcat the titular protagonist of the Disney's 1993-95 animated television series with the same first name. Originally featured on Raw Toonage, he is a former star for cartoon shorts at Wackytoon Studios, an overly energetic and hyperactive, out-of-work, somewhat foolish, and not-so-bright Toon bobcat who works in the Toon Division of the Hollywood P.D. as a police officer. He is voiced by Jim Cummings.

Why He Rocked

  1. As his name implies, he is eccentric and totally nuts, but he is fairly unique with his own oddball nature at that.
  2. He may be very naive, quirky, and clownish, but he was very competent at doing his job and fairly committed to his job by passion.
    • He can also be helpful towards others, in spite of his hugely accident-prone nature.
  3. Despite his impulsive and foolishly clumsy nature with his clownish buffoonery or just his foolishness in general, he can be quite resourceful, clever, astute, and supportive with what he knows about toons.
  4. He tends to show to care a lot about his friends most of the time like the aforementioned Lucky & Fall Apart, even if he is cocky, childish, or passive around them sometimes. He can also be quite compassionate and pleasant to those he interacts with (when he isn't annoying other characters), not to mention that he can be kind-hearted and supportive to those with rather serious-minded problems or trying to help Lucky with what he knows about toon logic. This is also shown in his cutesy if a somewhat vague, brother-sister relationship with Miranda, and he's shown to care a lot about her, due to how capable he can show his aforementioned compassion.
  5. With that said, he can be an endearing good soul from time to time because of his positive thinking. Along with having some charm and likability, just enough for viewers to root for him at times where he can use a break from the violence inflicted onto him or go through rough times.
    • Speaking of which, like Donald Duck & Sylvester Pussycat, and Tom Cat: he serves as a constant reminder for all of us to be brave, keep searching, hold family close, and never give up no matter how great the odds are against you; in which shows when trying to do his best in some shorts where he can be quite unfortunate at times.
  6. His designs show effort.
  7. He was entirely faithful to Roger Rabbit by how he is aware of what people think of cartoons and is good-natured.
  8. He has his funny moments.
  9. He serves as a perfect foil to Lucky Piquel (a serious-minded cop) where he gets along well with him and shows how much Bonkers can be a good friend to Lucky thoroughly.

Bad Qualities

  1. He was sadly flanderized in the Miranda Wright episodes, becoming an annoying bobcat and a hopeless incompetent.
  2. His designs may have effort, but they seem to lack anything related to a bobcat, despite that being his surname.
    • Also in the Lucky episodes, whenever Bonkers made a cat noise, he sounded too much like a real-life house cat in which Bobcats in real life don't make regular cat noises at all. Some of them even seem to make some REALLY strange sounds & noises, which probably explains why Bonkers' voice sounds so fever-dream esque.
  3. Even before his flanderization, his voice (if interestingly done) can be rather grating than Roger Rabbit's seemingly dorky voice.
    • Especially when it sounds like if Marvin the Martian became an absolute chatterbox who never stopped talking or sounds like a rip-off of Dr. Otto von Scratchansniff from the Animaniacs, except with no accent to balance out the tone of his voice which adds an irritating pitch when Bonkers gets a heck of a lot more talkative when it can sometimes be pretty hard to listen to when he speaks insanely fast-paced (and not humorously).
  4. He can be very annoying when overly talkative, being immature, so impulsive that he doesn't think about his actions sometimes, or briefly misunderstood.
    • Especially when he portrays childish behavior like pointlessly wailing or arguing for example that is mostly played for laughs.
    • Along with occasions of showing clueless yet sometimes cocky & harebrained behavior.
    • An example of this was one of his utterly impulsive actions such as pretending to act as an officer despite being hired as one by demonstrating irresponsible behavior without any civilized reason to do so, isn't the most mature or rational idea to do, especially when he was tasked with solving real-life crimes showing his unwary nature (e.g Retrieving a lost relative with Lucky & Fall Apart in the episode 'Color Me Piquel', and demonstrating with chasing him with Lucky & Fall Apart like it's a joke and letting him get away because of one of Bonkers forcing Lucky [a non-toony character] into one of his obviously fallible plans based on cartoons and cartoon logic as a showcase of the annoyance Bonkers can cause at times.)
    • In the Raw Toonage version, he can be unreasonable and also flawed at giving morals to the viewer in bad episodes that appear in a way that shows how his fourth-wall breaking can be very bland and predictable to the point that it feels unnecessary. (e.g The How to be a Deliver episode, for example, where Bonkers tells the viewer to never deliver anything to anyone on Saturdays all because of Bonkers blundering himself with his foolish behavior on one delivery just to watch his favorite show, then it mixes up its message at the ending when Fawn Deer smooches him & says it can be ok, which seems very vague. It's harmless as a senseless show, but it can be quite questionable on why you should attempt telling morals to kids that people just won't take seriously or some that many would find misleading).
    • With that said, just like Roger Rabbit: His voice and antics can either range from being charming or on the Jar-Jar-Binks levels of annoying.