Bob the Tomato

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"Remember, kids, God made you special! And he loves you!" -Bob the Tomato

Hey, kids. Welcome to the Great Characters Wiki. I'm Bob the Tomato, the main protagonist of the computer-animated religious cult classic VeggieTales. I'm an anthropomorphic tomato and co-host, narrator, and in-universe actor of the show.

Why I'm Fresh ("It's time to talk about what we learned today.")

  1. I am usually the "straight man" in my partnership with Larry, who is much more bouncy and energetic than me.
  2. I am the mascot when it comes to popular Christian children's media, often teaching biblical lessons and great morals with a smile and can-do attitude.
  3. Like a certain sea sponge, the creators' managed to make an instantly recognizable design out of an ordinary red tomato like me.
    • With pre-Toy Story 90s computer technology, no less!
  4. I am often very calm and nice, even my creator and actor Phil Vischer describes me as his "inner-Mr. Rogers", when voicing me!
  5. Like the show I am in, I managed to spawn a few entertaining internet memes, such as when Larry and I managed to unintentionally but perfectly predict modern internet humor.
  6. After the ending of the less-than-favorable Dreamworks-Netflix reboot, a spin-off titled The VeggieTales Show has brought me (and the series in general) back to form; bringing the beloved original design and quirky dialogue along with it.
    • This is likely due to the original series' creators, Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki, regaining creative control over the series.

Why I'm Rotten

  1. I was heavily flanderized since VeggieTales in the House was released. I was given much more perkiness and lessening my intelligence for 'comedy' purposes. On that topic, my redesign tried to be cute and animesque, but instead it was just uncanny and failed miserably.


  • I made my debut in 1993.
  • I am voiced by Phil Vischer, the co-creator of VeggieTales.
    • Fittingly, Larry is voiced by Mike Nawrocki, the co-creator of VeggieTales.
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