"Can we fix it?"

Bob the Builder is the main protagonist, titular character and a General Contractor with being head of his own construction yard based in Bobsville, Sunflower Valley or Fixham Harbour depending on the season. He is the main character of the show named after him.

Why He Rocks

  1. He is beautifully animated with fluent stop-motion.
  2. He is passionate and determined to get tasks done.
  3. He is also an intelligent and fun-loving person.
  4. He isn't one to lose focus and often comes up with ideas on how to fix things.
  5. He acts as a parental figure to his machines and tries his best to keep them in line.
  6. He knows how to be honest without being brutal, and he isn't afraid to let someone know when they've messed up. He doesn't even get upset when someone makes a mistake.
  7. His relationships with the machines and Wendy.

Bad Qualities

  1. He can sometimes come off as a Gary Stu.
  2. The way he is animated sometimes makes him look like he has an eternal smile, but this is fixed when his show got turned into CGI.
  3. His personality and appearance is ruined in the reboot.
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