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Blanc is a character from the Neptunia series. She governs Lowee and has 2 sisters known as Rom and Ram.

Why She Rocks

  1. She protects not only her nation but her sisters and innocent people no matter how hard the obstacle is.
  2. She loves reading books and it relieves her stress from time to time.
  3. Her hammer changes to an axe in CPU form which is very cool.
  4. Her Japanese and especially her English voice (voiced by Wendee Lee) are well done.
  5. Her design is very cute and it matches the nation's weather.
  6. She despises perversion and other immoral things.

Bad Qualities

  1. Similar to Donald Duck. Her temper can get the best of her since she's an introvert.
  2. She can get too jealous of Vert's bust size.