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Beth Morgan is one of the central characters of the 1939 novel, How Green Was My Valley and its 1941 film adaptation of the same name. She's the mother of the Morgan family and the wife of Gwilym Morgan. She and her daughter Angharad do the housework around their place.

She was portrayed by Sara Allgood in the 1941 film adaptation.

Why She Rocks

  1. She a very considerate and loving mother/wife. In fact, her own son Huw labeled her as "the heart of the house".
  2. Despite being the housemaid, she tends to be pretty active within the Morgans' work and his pretty efficient with it.
  3. Similar to Angharad and Bronwen, she tends to be very religious and believe in the holy spirits.
  4. She's isn't afraid to be defensive or hurt anyone who threatens her family. (i.e.: When she heard about the miners making Gwilym an outcast after he continues his work during their strike. Beth confronted the men and chewed them out for unfairly threatening him.)
  5. Sara Allgood's portrayal in the film adaptation is memorable and pretty touching.
  6. She's got a occasional playful sense of humor, as shown when poked fun at a math problem which involved filling a bathtub with holes in it.