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"This is why i won't do two shows at night babe. I won't...... WELL, WHO WE GOT IT HERE TONIGHT? Oh well i think the Maitlands has got enough exorcism for tonight!"

Beetlejuice in the animated series

Beetlejuice, also known as BJ, is the titular antiheroic tritagonist of the 1998 comedy fantasy film Beetlejuice. and the titular protagonist of the animated series of the same name. He's expected to return in the upcoming sequel to the 1998 film.

He's a mischievous demon that is a former exorcist and Lydia Deetz's former enemy and best friend.

He's portrayed by Michael Keaton.

Why He Rocks

  1. Michael Keaton does a great performance as Beetlejuice making him a loveable neutral trickster.
  2. He's shown to be meschievous but even then he's not evil, he just likes to fool people. He even becomes a full time good guy in the series.
  3. His relationship with Lydia Deetz is memorable. Even though he initially forced her to marry him just to come back to the land of the living, they become best friends in the animated series and shows sign of romantic love towards each other.
  4. He's a bio-exorcist in the movie and, even though he cannot be fully trusted, he did a great job in his work.
  5. He has a surprisingly good sense of humor for a demon that spent all his life in the Underworld dance.
  6. He's one of the rare cases of a titular character that is not fully good.
  7. Another scene that makes him sympathetic is when Lydia says that she wants to be in the Underworld and he explains how much he would want to be in the real world.

Bad Qualities

  1. Trying to force Lydia to marry him to re enter the mortal world near the end of the movie was selfish and far fetched even for him.