Baron Praxis

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Baron Praxis is a character in the Jak & Daxter franchise, serving as one of the primary antagonists in Jak II.  He's the father of Ashelin Praxis, and was the King of Haven City, after he ursurped King Damas.  He started the Dark Warrior program, in an attempt to fight against the Metal Heads, and this cuased him to fuse Jak with Dark Eco, creating Dark Jak.  

Why He Rocks

  • Outstanding voice acting by famous voice actor Clancy Brown.  
  • Incredible character design.  
  • Amazingly badass.  
  • Unebelievably intimidating, because of both his character design, his voice, and his actual ruthlessness.  
  • He's an interesting charcter, whose form of ruling Haven City involves utilitarianism.  
  • He's sympathetic, too; he does genuinely care for Haven City and its citizens, but is using methods that many people would consider evil.  
  • Despite his actions, he's still a man of honor; when he was taken down by the Metal Head leader, he essentially admitted defeat by giving Jak the Precursor Stone, and leaving the defeat of Metal Korr to him.  
  • He's capable of learning from his past mistakes.  At some point before the events of Jak II, he launched an assult on the Metal Head Nest, which they lost, and it cost him part of his face.  Because of that, he rejects Errol's suggestion to try it again.  
  • He's also responsible for the creation of Dark Jak.  Even though that caused the undue suffering of Jak, there's still obviously a silver lining there, in terms of tone and gameplay.  

Bad Qualities

  • He tortured poor Jak for nearly TWO YEARS!  
  • He was willing to sacrifice his own daughter in order to maintain his rule.  
  • He formed a deal with the Metal Heads by giving them supplies of Eco so they wouldn't attack the city too much, but would attack just enough that he'd be able to fight them off and continue validating the trust of the citizens.  
  • Before the events of Jak II, Praxis abandoned dead town, leaving the citizens that were still there to die, because he couldn't win a battle againt the Metal Heads.
  • Is Believed to be A Complete Monster since he is willing to kill his daughter and tried to kill everyone with a second bomb before dying.


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