Hahaahaahahahahahaah, I’m Banana Joe, the class clown of Elmore Junior High, hahaahahahahhaha, I constantly crack up and laugh, hahahahaahahahahaahah, here are my traits.

Why I Rock (Hahaahahahaahahahahahaahahaha)

  1. I Am Hilarious! (Ha Ha Ha)
  2. I crack stupid jokes
  3. Hahaahahahaahahahahahaahahaha
  4. I am so silly.
  5. My banana song.
  6. Hahaahahahaahahahahahaahahaha
  7. Mic Graves is a professional vocie for me!

Bad Qualities

  1. I can be ultimately obnoxious due to my constant jokes.
  2. I am not as clever as the others.
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