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Baloo is the deuteragonist of Disney's 1967 animated feature film The Jungle Book. He is a fun-loving, easygoing, and good-natured sloth bear who becomes the best friend of a "man-cub" named Mowgli. He is voiced by Phil Harris.

Why He Rocks

  1. He is very friendly and optimistic.
  2. He helps teach Mowgli about having fun during "The Bare Necessities".
  3. He receives a lot of character development in the spinoff; TaleSpin, where he becomes a very skilled pilot.
  4. His design is great, even for a cartoon bear.
  5. He cares a lot about others, especially Mowgli, like when he saves Mowgli from King Louie and Shere Khan.
  6. His song "The Bare Necessities" is very catchy and well written.
  7. Phil Harris does a great job voicing him.

Bad Qualities

  1. Due to his design, it’s hard to tell that he’s either a Sloth Bear or a Brown Bear.
  2. He can be a little stubborn at times, especially in TaleSpin.
  3. He was a bit flawed outside of the original movie and TaleSpin