Avatar Aang (born 12 BG - dies 153 AG) is the main protagonist of the Nickelodeon show, "Avatar: The Last Airbender."

When learning of his status as the Avatar, followed by the monks trying to take him from his teacher/father figure, he couldn't handle the pressure and ran away from home. Caught in a sudden storm, he defensively used his powers to seal himself in an iceberg, which protected him for a century while the other Air Nomads were exterminated by the Fire Nation in an effort to kill him. After being freed from the iceberg by siblings Katara and Sokka, he now must face his destiny by mastering all four elements and defeating Fire Lord Ozai to restore balance to the world.

He was voiced by Zach Tyler Eisen.

Why He Rocks

  1. He's one of the most genuinely kind, empathetic, and gentle individuals in all of fiction.
    • He can also throw hurricanes, tidal waves, and mountain ranges around like softballs.
  2. It's notable that he was able to master all four elements in less than a year, at 12 years old (112 technically). Usually it takes an Avatar years to master the elements, but he got the powers down quickly.
  3. He possesses a deep respect for life and freedom, refusing to eat meat and often reluctant to fight in his younger years.
  4. Aang has demonstrated on separate occasions to be capable of avoiding violence while stopping said violence.
    • In "The Great Divide", he stopped the feuding clans by lying.
    • Aang managed to one-up the resident bully in "The Headbands" by simply evading his punches.
    • The series finale had him defeat Ozai by taking away his bending.
  5. Character Development. At the start, Aang is a happy-go-lucky, naive kid who doesn't want to be the Avatar. Going through numerous battles and trials, especially when Appa was kidnapped, took a toll on his carefree attitude. By the end, Aang became a more serious and mature young man who took his Avatar duties seriously without losing who he is or sacrificing what he wants and desires.
  6. Not only is he a genuine, kind hero, he is also hilarious, from his facial expressions to his funny mistakes.

Bad Qualities

  1. He was very out of character in "The Great Divide"
  2. He can be jealous and stubborn at times.
    • In the "Love is a battleground" comic, he becomes violated in the Katara relationship by refusing a relationship with a small volcano eruption - despite the awareness of how the Katara fire flexed in the past.
    • In the episode "The Ember Island Players" he gets angered at the actor playing Katara because she is in love with Zuko. He lashes out at the real Katara and forcefully kisses her.


  • In the unaired pilot, Aang was voiced by Disney Channel alumni Mitchell Musso rather than the small-scale child actor, Zach Tyler.
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