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Ashelin Praxis is a character in the Jak & Daxter franchise.  She first appears in Jak II, as a commander of the Krimson Guard, and the daughter of the King of Haven City Baron Praxis.  After the death of her father, she became the govoner of Haven City, and started a relationship with Torn.  In Jak 3, it's shown that she reformed the Krimson Guard into the Freedom League, to fight against the remaining Metal Heads and the KG Robots.  In Jak X:  Combat Racing, she's one of the racers that's facing off against Mizo's crime syndicate.  

Why She Rocks

  • Incredibly sexy.  
  • Outstanding character design.  
  • Great voice acting.  
  • Unbelievably badass.  
  • Love interest of Torn, the two are a great couple.  
  • She betrays her own father towards the end of Jak II, and ends up becoming the govoner of Haven City after his death.  

Bad Qualities

  • For some reason in Jak 3 they dropped Keira and made Ashelin the love interest of Jak.  Thankfully they rectified this in Jak X:  Combat Racing.