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Arpeggio is a character from the Sly Cooper franchise of video games.  He's a member of the KLAWW Gang, who serves as the final member, and the prospective final boss of the series, although he's killed before that can happen.  He was the mastermind behind their operations, who developed all of their technology, and had his own goals behind the scenes.  

Why He Rocks

  • Incredible voice acting by Sam A. Mowry, who also voiced Kessler in inFAMOUS on the Playstation 3, also by Sucker Punch Productions, who manages to make him sound cute, but also appropriately demented and evil.  
  • Outstanding character design; his small stature cleverly masks how truly dangerous that he is because of his intelligence.  
  • Unbelievable intelligence, which is easily able to rival that of Bentley's, and possibly even Dr. M.'s in the third game and Clockwerk's in the first game.  
  • His plan is incredbly convoluted, but still makes perfect sense if you think about it closely, and deeply involves the roles of every single member of the KLAWW Gang, Rajan top produce spice, Dimitri to distribute the spice to the people who live in Paris, France, The Contessa's ability to hypnotize people, Jean Bison delivering the battery to him, Neyla to acquire the Clockwerk parts for him, and his mastery of engineering to put Clockwerk's frame together.  
  • Even though he's demented, he's still a tragic character, and while his actions aren't justified, you can understand how he became the way he is today because of his past.  
  • His death was also really sad too, both because of the sympathy you've built up for him, and because we never got a boss fight with him.  
  • His intelligence, combined with his small stature, and his grand goals, makes him come off as a shockingly badass character.  

The ONLY Bad Quality

  • He dies before he can be engaged in his own boss fight, which while enjoyably subversive, is also a massive letdown.  


  • Hello?  Arpeggio here.  
  • Of course, for you Jean always.  Although must we communicate through that dreadful speaker phone?  
  • Yes, of course.  One must keep blood in ones...brain.  But do tell, is there some pressing matter you'd like to disguss.  
  • Yes, we're well under way.  My blimp should arrive by the end of the week.  
  • Bison, you covetous troglodyte. You've already got the lion's share of the parts. Would you take my meager portion of the robotic bird for your own and strip me of all my earthly pleasures?  
  • Sounds like you're making capital use of your share of the robotic loot, but for now, the Clockwerk brain stays with me on the blimp. Although, when I arrive to pick up the northern light battery I might be persuaded to give you a peek.  
  • Yes, the blimp's hypnotism wavelengths conform to the specs drawn up by the Contessa. And Dimitri, before his unfashionable capture, did a bang-up job of distributing spice through his nightclub.  
  • You're correct, sir. Yours is the final piece to the puzzle. The missing link. Once the battery is aboard, nothing will stand in the Klaww Gang's way. Paris will be ours!  
  • Right. Farewell, Bison. Stiff upper lip. Ta-ta.  
  • What?  The magnets have been reversed.  By jove, it seems to have locked the Clockwrk parts into place!  Excellent!  
  • Ah, Mr. Cooper.  No doubt you believed a reversal would pull the old bird apart, eh?  Well, it seems to have had qutie the opposite effect.  I am truly greatful.  When fully powered up, I shall bind myself to its circuits and be born anew!  
  • Immortality! Immortality is what I seek! The other Klaww Gang members were much too short-sighted, they were satisfied using the Clockwerk Parts to drive their various trivial schemes. But not me, no, I saw them for what they really were – the keys to life eternal!  
  • Ah, but acquring all the parts was only half the equation.  Think, Cooper.  What kept Clockwerk alive for thousands of years?  
  • Splendid!  That's right, hatred!  Putting his gears and wires together was child's play, compared with accumulating that much hatred!  
  • Oh, my poor, naive boy!  My maticulous mind has found a way!  As your hippopotomus friend will attest, spice consumption makes a person both angry, and suseptible to hypnosis!  The Contessa, hyptantist extrordiare, devised a way to command people through the use of flashing lights.  I've developed this blimp, to be an exact transmitter of those precise light frequencies.  The only trouble I faced was finding a suitable source of light waves...
  • Hypnotize those whose eaten food covered in illegal spice.  Thank goodness for Dimitri.  Through his nightclub, we got the whole city to consume the spice.  
  • Cruel, perhaps, but necessary to give Clockwerk his spark of immortality.  Ah well, my new body awaits me.  Be a dear Neyla and keep him covered.  Ta ta.  
  • What?  You're my protige, not the next candidate for MY immortality!  I demand you exit the Clockwerk frame, or...or...


  • Arpeggio was named after the musical term "arpeggio," which means "a broken chord." This may be a reference to his feeble size and inability to fly, which would make him "broken." It could also foreshadow his death.
  • His in-game model depicts him with a mustache, but he lacks one in some of the cutscenes and official artwork.
  • Arpeggio apparently liked opera as he was always seen departing London opera houses.[1]
  • Another person in the Sly Cooper series who liked opera is Octavio, who was an opera singer. His name was also based off a musical term, Octave.
  • The voice actor of Arpeggio, Sam A. Mowry, voices the main antagonist of Sucker Punch's first game of the inFAMOUS franchise, Kessler.
  • He is one of three villains named after music, the others being Miss Decibel and Octavio.
  • Arpeggio and his massive airship could possibly be a reference to the Jules Verne novel and 1961 film Master of the World, as it too featured a massive airship. The airship was called "Albatross" and similarly spread terror throughout the world. In comparison, Arpeggio planned to utilize his blimp to unleash a hypnotic light show that would place Paris in a violent state.

All Appearances

  • Sly 2:  Band of Thieves (2005)