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April O’Neil is the closest ally of the The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and a major protagonist of TMNT franchise.

Why She Rocks

  1. She is much more than a pretty face, she’s shown to be smart and willing to be there the Turtles whenever they’re in need of help.
  2. She has a strong nature and great passion for her work.
  3. In most adaptations, she’s shown to be a strong-willed news reporter.
  4. She’s is a great ally to the Turtles, Master Splinter and Casey Jones.
  5. Many of the actresses that portrayed her throughout the years give an amazing performance.
  6. There are occasions where she comes off just as heroic as the Turtles.
  7. She’s the first human to discover the Turtles and Splinter which (in-universe) would be a scientific phenomenon.
  8. Her iconic yellow jumpsuit, that is seen in early adaptations of the series, is gorgeous.
  9. With her job as a news reporter, she’s willing to go where the most exciting of news goes or takes her.