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Ansi Molina-Delgado is the protagonist of Welcome to the Wayne. He is the son of Albert Molina and The Wayne’s most recent resident. Where he meets his best friend Olly Timbers and Saraline Timbers, then becomes the newest member of Team Timbers.

Why He Rocks

  1. As the series progresses, Ansi is shown to come out of his shell more.
  2. He loves going on adventures, despite being neurotic.
  3. He's a good friend to Olly.
  4. Deep down, he loves taking risks.
  5. He seems to be an experienced student.
  6. He is successfully able to defend himself.

Bad Quality

  1. Sometimes, he is too afraid for his own good.
  2. He doesn't enjoy physical contact and is shown to occasionally douse his hands in hand sanitizer after touching something that could be contaminated.