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"And I never knew how easy I had it here."

Angelica Charlotte Pickles is a character from the Rugrats franchise. She is one of the main characters in All Grown Up!, the Rugrats’ spin-off series, where she appears as an older teenager. She is the daughter of Charlotte and Drew Pickles, is the cousin of Tommy and Dil Pickles, and is a friend to the main cast. Her teenager self has gotten massive character development, which made her a better character now than she was when she was 3.

Why She Rocks Now

  1. She has redeemed herself when she appears as a teenager, going from a young spoiled brat to an older, nicer and mature girl who learns from her mistakes, and with the help of others.
  2. Her design as a teenager looks good, and she is still pretty cute.
  3. Cheryl Chase still does a great job voicing her.
  4. Her screaming and singing is less painful now, as the times she’s screamed are less often and more understandable whenever she’s going through a crisis, and her singing is more hilarious now, even if it’s not perfect.
  5. While she’s still mean, spoiled and bossy at times, is to a much lesser extent and is more acceptable as she can now relate to many teenagers who act like this, as she’s turned into one of the mean popular girls done right, which is unlike most fictional characters of this trait.
  6. Even when she does something wrong, is way less often now and it now comes off as understandable and also hilarious.
  7. She often still gets her comeuppance whenever she does something bad, and she also learns from her mistakes as mentioned earlier.
  8. She still cares about her friends and family, and is now more shown as she grows, like how she helps her family out with making dinner and talking with them, and how she takes the blame for Susie when Susie was in her bad girl phase, and normally hangs out with Susie and Harold in the show. She also has more heartwarming moments with them.
  9. She also asks her friends for help at times, even Susie, whenever she’s in a situation she can’t solve on her own without some advise.
  10. Her emotional side is more shown and is understandable, like the times she’s cried and comforted by her friends, and when she looked touched by Chuckie’s speech about not growing up too fast.
  11. Overall, Angelica has become a much more lovable character thanks to these qualities, and to quote Arlene Klasky: "I think she's great for the show; I love Angelica."

Bad Qualities

  1. She was unlikable when she was a kid in Rugrats.
  2. She can be a little bit stereotypical.


  • Angelica is the only character to be called by her real name, not a nickname.