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Alexis Rose is one of the main protagonists of the CBC series Schitt's Creek. She is a member of the central Rose family, the daughter of Johnny and Moira and the younger sister of David Rose. Her early stories revolve around her efforts to adjust to life in Schitt's Creek after her family loses their fortune, as well as her romantic entanglements with locals Mutt Schitt and Ted Mullens. In later seasons, Alexis's story focuses on her educational pursuits and the establishment of her public relations business, Alexis Rose Communications.

She was portrayed by Annie Murphy, in her first major role.

Why She Rocks

  1. She's a very upbeat and positive person.
  2. She has a very realistic character development, even for a show as absurd as Schitt's Creek.
  3. While not book smart and she has big gaps in her knowledge, but she's brilliant at social media, highly organized, has multiple international drivers licenses and an F-Class for light trucks, has escaped more than one kidnapping and catches a group of teens shoplifting from her brother's store.
  4. She has many hilarious and unforgettable moments, like teaching an old man how to use Instagram or talking about her legendary number of bad boyfriends.
  5. Her catchphrases, "a little bit Alexis" and "love this journey for you," are iconic.

Bad Qualities

  1. Her storylines are in the shadow of her parents' and brother's storylines in the final season.
  2. She cannot sing, and her lack of vocal ability is considered annoying by some fans.


  • Annie Murphy was the only cast member who was not the first choice to play their character - in the original unaired pilot, Alexis was played by Abby Elliott, the daughter of Chris Elliott (who played Roland Schitt), who could not commit to the series due to other commitments.