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"Silenzio, Bruno."

Alberto Scorfano is the deuteragonist of Luca and the best friend of Luca Paguro. He is a sea monster who can assume human form while on land. He is a lonely boy who has no parental guardian.

Why He Rocks

  1. He serves as a key component to Luca after the latter went on the surface. Alberto taught Luca about the human world and even taught Luca about fitting in the human world as well. Of course, Luca did disobey his parents, but he wanted to be friends and Alberto is the one that fits well. Overall became friends.
    • And let's not forget the emotional scene where Alberto waves goodbye to Luca after the latter goes to school with Giulia. He even sold his scooter for a train ticket to Luca
    • He and Luca helped Giulia to win the cup due to her vomiting during the competition as it appears that more people are better than one to win a team race.
    • He can also be a good influence on Luca as he taught Luca about "Silenzio Bruno".
    • He even reunited with Luca and was carrying an umbrella for Luca.
  2. He's a free-spirited and gregarious sea monster who wants to explore the human world all because he wants to have fun.
  3. Alberto's exposure as a sea monster is often seen as a running gag. Not only that but it can sometimes bring in some tension in certain scenes such as attempting to give Luca an umbrella during the race only for him to get knocked out and reveal his sea monster form in front of Ercole Visconti.
  4. He's such a big help to Massimo as both seem to be on good terms with each other as a father/son-like figure to each other. Sure, they are not related and they are different species yet that didn't stop them. Even the credits show Alberto working for him.
  5. The scene where Alberto mentions that his father abandoned him is pretty emotional as it makes viewers felt sorry for him. He even went as far as thinking that Luca wants to abandon him after being jealous of Luca hanging out with Giulia.
    • Also the scene where he reveals his sea monster form on purpose in front of Giulia due to his jealously is also emotional.
  6. He alongside Luca and Giulia was the main reason why the people of the Italian village became more tolerant of the sea monsters.
  7. He's pretty smart about the human world even before he met Luca. You see, he actually collected human stuff for the sake of curiosity and wonder.
  8. The movie portrays him as one of the most expressive characters in the film thanks to his character.

Bad Qualities

  1. He was so jealous of Luca and Giulia at one point. Even went to the point of betraying Luca at one point briefly.
  2. He was not unaware of the word "stupido" as he and Luca learned the word.
  3. He claims to know a lot about human culture, but in some cases, it's otherwise like saying that the stars are fish when it's not true.


  • His last name means "redfish" in Italian.
  • He was going to be just a human until it was confirmed that he was also a sea monster.
  • As hinted by an interview by Enrico Casarosa, Alberto's first name comes from Enrico's childhood friend.
  • There has been theories suggesting that Luca and Alberto were gay, but Enrico has stated that the film isn't about romance.