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Al Stephenson is one of the central characters of the 1946 William Wyler film The Best Years of our Lives. He's the oldest member of the main veteran trio, and was a sergeant in World War II with a loving family, and starting becoming an alcoholic.

He was portrayed by Fredric March.

Why He Rocks

  1. Fredric March gives an amazing performance as the ex-sergeant.
  2. It was shown that before the war started, he was a loving father and husband and truly cares about his family.
    • This is proven as when he got home from the war for the first time. He quickly tried to get readjusted to his family's interests, and took them out to dance clubs to get close to them again.
  3. Him trying to get used to being in civilization again is an interesting story for him.
  4. He's became a fair and reliable banker during his search for a post-war job.
    • He knows how to make a good argument to defend someone as he did so for another veteran.
  5. He's a great teammate and companion to Fred and Homer, with whom he's very close to.
  6. His wartime parable speech he gave during a banquet shows his caring side and how he sees the less privileged veterans from the war as equals to the privileged ones.


  • Fredric March, Al's actor won an Academy Award for his performance for Best Actor in 1946.