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Akane Yamamoto

Akane Yamamoto (Japanese: 山本やまもと あかね Yamamoto Akane) is a supporting secondary character in the Weekly Shonen Jump sports manga-turned-anime, Haikyuu!!

She is Taketora Yamamoto's younger sister as well as (currently) a college freshman and a publishing company intern.

Why She Rocks

  1. Similar to her older brother, she is extremely energetic and extremely energetic, especially if it's sports and/or volleyball-related
  2. She's very passionate about volleyball, as her main concern indicate she gets heavily carried away when talking about it to other people.
  3. Despite only being 13-years old, she can pretty much become friends with people much older and generally mature than her, as she is close friends with the 19-year-old Alisa.
    • Similarly, After Nekoma's loss to Karasuno, she also warms up to the 21-year-old Saeko and bonds with her almost instantly.
  4. When Akane and Alisa stay for Nekoma's next match against Nohebi Academy, as the players line up, Akane motivates the squad to cheer as loud as they can.
  5. In a subversion of modern older/younger siblings tropes, it's often shown that she admires her older brother's role as the ace, and goes out of her way to encourage him in the bleachers at the Tokyo Preliminaries.
  6. She sees the best in almost everyone, as she excitedly thinks to herself that Lev's the tallest and probably strongest player Nekoma has ever had.
  7. She became a fairly recent internet meme as of late, using a pair of screenshots of the anime ofher being a common example.
    • It also helps that each of the wonderfully-animated expressions she uses are beyond adorable.


  • She shares the same fiesty facial features as her older brother.
  • She's only ever seen wearing her school clothes, which is the sailor uniform.