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"i'll quit one day anyway!!! This is not my fate!!!"

Aggretsuko is a female red panda Sanrio character. The character "retsu" (烈) means "fury" or "rage." She is an office worker whose life at work is usually frustrating. Instead of releasing it on her coworkers, She holds back her rage. She lets it out all of that anger by singing death metal at the local karaoke club.

Why She Rocks

  1. She is a compelling, relatable female character. She has her own personaility, views on the world, and own set of goals in life.
  2. Instead of representing cute girly innocence, she represents the harsh realities of wage-slave working life.
  3. She has her own characteristic quirks to her, An example of this is how she is both hard-working and hard-drinking.
  4. Retsuko knows how to deal with her own rage, insteading of letting out her bottled-up emotions and aggression, she heads to a local bar and sings death metal karaoke about how much her life sucks.
  5. She tries to find away to somehow escape her terrible, dead-end job and find happiness.
  6. Retsuko is a dreamer, in many episodes, she jumps from one unrealistic escapist fantasy to another as a way to cope with her job.
  7. She is constantly smacked down by the reality that life is hard and realizes there are no easy outs for that, though, she gradually learns that everyone around her from the jerks who give her trouble to the people she looks up to are also having a hard time and doing the best they can to cope with their owns flaws.

Bad Qualities

  1. Retsuko's design is too soft and cutesy to be taken really seriously.