A-ko Magami is main protagonist of the adorable Project A-Ko franchise. She is a cute, perky and fun-loving 16-year-old red-haired, sailor-suited teenage girl who seems to be near invulnerable with superhuman speed and strength. She lived in Graviton City, Japan.

Why She's Super Cute

  1. A-ko is the most adorable sailor-suited teenage heroine. Tee-hee!
  2. A-ko is one of the cutest Magical Girl icons.
  3. A-ko became famous among several American fans, as well as these cute young kids.
  4. A-ko totally loves having fun in the big city.
  5. To increase her super-powered cuteness and beauty, A-ko wore her most iconic outfit: her most powerful sailor-suited battle outfit, which makes her so extremely cute and so ultra adorable, and matches the American flag! HA-HA!
    • Including a white middy blouse with a sailor collar, red scarf, black armbands, blue pleated skirt, knee-high white socks and a pair of very cute and very shiny black Mary Jane shoes.
  6. Due to being a tomboy, A-ko is the sweetest little rock music/sports/video game chick.
  7. Her theme song, Dance Away is very cute, as the lyrics of her song is so adorable.
  8. A-ko had her very cute pal, C-ko, but she totally hates B-ko's snobbishness. In fact, B-ko's a snob, C-ko and A-ko are BOTH slobs.
  9. A-ko gains her magical armbands that gives her ultra magical powers. Hee-hee! Oh, fun fact: these magical black armbands, that she has been found after thousands of years.
    • Her magical powers are super strength, super speed and nigh invulnerability. However, she can finally breathe in outer space, by using her super-powered sailor-style battle suit! YAHOOO!!!!
  10. In Project A-Ko: Final, She adorably sleeps in her sailor-style battle suit. Awwwwwwwww… hee-hee! So cute!

Fun Facts About A-Ko

  • A-ko found the magical black armbands, after thousands of years.
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