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Hi there, cutie. My name is A-ko Magami, the most-powerful sailor-suited teenage tomboy, you'll ever met! I'm the main protagonist of the adorable Project A-Ko franchise. I'm a cute, perky and fun-loving 16-year-old red-haired, sailor-suited teenage girl who seems to be near invulnerable with superhuman speed and strength. I lived in Graviton City, Japan.

Why I'm Super Cute

  1. I am the cutest superhero in the universe!
  2. I'm the most adorable sailor-suited teenage heroine. Tee-hee!
  3. I'm most legendary Magical Girl icon.
  4. I became famous among several American fans, as well as these cute young kids.
  5. I totally love having fun in the big city.
  6. To increase my super-powered cuteness and beauty, I wore my most iconic outfit: my most powerful sailor-suited battle outfit, which makes me so extremely cute and so ultra adorable, and matches the American flag! HA-HA!
    • Including a white middy blouse with a sailor collar, red scarf, black armbands, blue pleated skirt, knee-high white socks and a pair of very cute and very shiny black Mary Jane shoes.
  7. Due to being a tomboy, I'm the sweetest little rock music/sports/video game chick.
  8. My theme song, Dance Away is very cute, as the lyrics of my song is so adorable.
  9. Like most of these video gamers out there, I'm the sailor-suited video gaming expert!
  10. I had my very cute pal, C-ko, but I totally hate B-ko's snobbishness. In fact, B-ko's a snob, C-ko and I are BOTH slobs.
  11. I gains my magical armbands that gives me ultra magical powers. Hee-hee! Oh, fun fact: these magical black armbands, that I've been found after thousands of years.
    • My magical powers are super strength, super speed and nigh invulnerability. However, I can finally breathe in outer space, by using my cute super-powered sailor-style battle suit! YAHOOO!!!!
  12. I'm the most popular sailor-suited rock music, video gaming teenage chick, but I really loves more cute stuff, including those adorable little bunny earrings, and my mighty, powerful sailor-suited battle suit!
  13. In Project A-Ko: Final, I adorably sleeps in my cute sailor-style battle suit. Awwwwwwwww... hee-hee! So cute!

Fun Facts About Me, A-Ko

  • I found the magical black armbands, after thousands of years.